Based on our own international network of reporters and correspondents we have created over the past six months, edited and constantly improved a weekly newsletter dedicated to the end of Western hegemony and the transition to a multipolar world.

Voltaire, International Newsletter is now published in six languages.
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Contents of N°31:

 Who defines West’s secret geopolitical agenda?
 Democrats are much more imperialist than Republicans
 Native Americans bypass the Bureau of Indian Affairs
 Biden proposes voting rights reform
 10 minutes of Blinken-Lavrov talks
 A presidential candidate asks $1 from each of his voters
 Steve Bannon denounces Rupert Murdoch
 Fake US arms shipments to Ukraine
 War Powers Act called into question
 Official version of Capitol Riot questioned
 The only existing version of Nord Stream’s sabotage questioned
 Americans don’t trust Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy
 Congress threatens to militarily attack Mexico
 The battle for gas stoves goes on
 Argentina questions leonine agreements of the Falklands War
 Report on the Manchester Arena bombing
 UK considers law against illegal immigration
 The French against Macron’s reform
 Germany now independent of Russian hydrocarbons
 Germany wrongly accuses Iran
 One-on-one between Scholz and Biden
 Norway reaps benefits from Nord Stream sabotage
 John Paul II did not denounce pedophile priests
 Hungary for a ceasefire in Ukraine
 European states and Israel’s evolution
 The EU and production of 155mm shells
 Switzerland lifts anti-Syrian “sanctions”
 Glencore pleads guilty to bribery
 Serbia will not recognize Kosovo
 Major cleanup goes on in Ukraine
 Belarusian presidential candidate sentenced in absentia
 "Russian Volunteer Corps in Ukraine" attacks on Russian soil
 Relations between the Russian Army and the Wagner Group
 Relations between Volodymyr Zelensky and the head of his armed forces
 Transparency International banned in Russia
 Russia introduces simplified visas
 "We can, together with other countries, drive the final nail in the coffin of the neo-colonial aspirations of the Western world"
 Morocco positions itself on the cannabis extract market
 Malian imams against the draft constitution
 Central African Republic condemns Western looting
 François Bozizé covered by Washington
 Emmanuel Macron’s difficult trip to Congo
 De-escalation between DRC and Rwanda
 Russia offers fertilizer to Malawi
 South Africa reduces its embassy in Tel Aviv
 Israeli army pushes former Knesset speaker
 UN Human Rights Council deflects investigation into Beirut port explosion
 Hamas’ self-criticism
 US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Illegally Visits Syria
 Israel bombs supplies for Syrian earthquake victims
 Saudi Arabia moves closer to Syria
 Alcohol banned in Iraq
 Royal Navy seizes weapons destined for Yemen
 Turkish opposition unites
 EU to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terrorists
 IAEA signs agreement with Iran
 Investigation into the poisoning of young Iranian women
 Fire at a refugee camp in Bangladesh
 Kem Sokha imprisoned
 South Korea exports arms
 North Korea warns against intercepting its missiles
 Question about succession in North Korea
 Former Hiroshima mayor for universal commitment not to use atomic bomb first
 Wild animals take over Fukushima again
 Japan negotiates compensation for Korean ’comfort women’ and forced laborer’s
 How Japanese government controls TV media
 Taiwan cries wolf
 Taiwan dreads TSMC relocation
 Germany will not defend Taiwan
 China Increases the People’s Liberation Army’s budget
 China toughens its tone against the US
 China participates in US Cobra Gold 2023 military exercises
 Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines
 John McCain’s widow to head the World Food Programme

In addition, our documentary supplement presents some fifty official reports and documents from six different states.