The old world is already dead while a new world is only emerging.

87% of the world’s population does not share the Western view on the war in Ukraine. Their governments see that the United States is nothing more than a paper tiger. They now refuse to obey the dictates of the G7.

You may not know anything about it and it’s natural: Western news agencies don’t relay this kind of news. They hide the debacle from you. So, we have gathered correspondents from five continents and we publish a weekly newsletter to give you access to the work of a news agency. In Voltaire, International Newsletter you will find contextualized news, unbiased facts placed in their historical background.

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Contents of N°37:


 G7 still true to itself and deaf to the world


 US Strategy for Low Earth Orbit
 Donald Trump gun champion
 Tom Perriello steps down as director of the Soros Foundation
 Washington blames China for fentanyl ravages
 U.S. could be hit by hypersonic missiles
 China masters hypersonic ballistic missiles
 Ilan Goldenberg appointed advisor to Kamala Harris
 Senator Roger Marshall and the origins of Covid
 Biden administration obstructs investigations into US departure from Afghanistan
 According to four lawmakers, the Bidens are at the head of prostitution rings
 Settlement between Dominion and Fox News
 Pentagon leaks reveal bewildering level of incompetence
 FBI dismantles ’Chinese police office’ in New York
 Mexican Supreme Court invalidates the attachment of the National Guard to the armed forces
 Sino-Brazilian relations
 Russian-Brazilian relations


 Tony Blair knew about the illegality of Iraq’s invasion as early as 1998
 Western Special Forces in Ukraine
 Three French parliamentarians illegally enter Syria
 France increasingly unstable
 Denmark protects Islamophobic and anti-Turkish demonstration
 Finland joins NATO maneuvers
 Finland and civil nuclear power
 Yuri Kosiuk floods EU with battery-raised chickens
 Slovakia delivers fighter jets to Ukraine
 Ursula von der Leyen next NATO Secretary General?
 Vladimir Putin celebrates Orthodox Easter with Russian soldiers
 Li Shangfu in Moscow


 Morocco and Tunisia take ownership of the Arab Maghreb Union
 Tunisia arrests Muslim Brotherhood leaders
 Tunisia restores relations with Syria
 Chiefs’ War in Sudan
 Paul Kagame explains the M23 fight against the DRC
 Somalia on the brink of famine
 Comorians demonstrate against French colonization


 Jabotinsky never anticipated the Holocaust
 China calls on Palestine, Israel for ’two-state solution’
 Saudi Arabia restores relations with Syria
 Dissolution of the Assembly in Kuwait
 Istanbul next financial center between East and West?
 Myanmar releases prisoners
 China exasperated by Western blockade against North Korea
 South Korea downplays revelations of secret Pentagon documents
 North Korea wins Cybertheft of the Year 2022
 China cautious about Western actions in Ukraine
 CCP condemns US sabotage of human rights
 What the attack on Fumio Kishida hides


 Paul Keating criticizes Australian foreign policy


 Human Rights Council condemns unilateral coercive measures
 IMF says BRICS will surpass G7 in 2023