The world is changing, things are moving fast. The old world is already dead while a new world is only emerging.

87% of the world’s population does not share the Western view on the war in Ukraine. Their governments see that the United States is nothing more than a paper tiger. They now refuse to obey the dictates of the G7.

You may not know anything about it and it’s natural: Western news agencies don’t relay this kind of news. They hide the debacle from you. So, we have gathered correspondents from five continents and we publish a weekly newsletter to give you access to the work of a news agency. In Voltaire, International Newsletter you will find contextualized news, unbiased facts placed in their historical background.

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Contents of N°41:


 Israel’s participation in the UN could be suspended for non-compliance with its commitments


 Foreign Influences in U.S. Elections
 Restricting voting rights in the US
 U.S. Revises State Secrets Classification System
 End of the investigation into FBI’s role in "Russiagate"
 House could prosecute Antony Blinken for "contempt" on May 24
 Washington Post accuses Yevgeny Prigozhin of betraying his homeland
 CIA recruits spies in Russia
 Chile President fails to solve the problem of the disappeared from the Pinochet dictatorship


 Council of Europe establishes Register of Russia-caused damage in Ukraine
 Council of Europe proclaims "Reykjavik Principles for Democracy"
 UK and Netherlands mobilize to deliver F-16s to Ukraine
 French spies in Iran
 French Parliament wants to make the EU flag mandatory on the pediment of town halls
 Wacky judgment against Nicolas Sarkozy
 Macron says Russia is China’s vassal
 Volodymyr Zelensky wins 2023 Charlemagne Prize
 The promises of the Law and Justice party
 EU-Indo-Pacific summit fails
 Eurovision rejects Volodymyr Zelensky’s request for video call
 Russia destroys largest stockpile of Western ammunition in Ukraine
 Ukraine could attack Russia and Hungarian interests
 Six EU states call on Zelensky to negotiate peace
 Westerners are still delivering weapons to Ukraine
 President of the Ukrainian Supreme Court jailed for "corruption"
 No news of Generals Oleksandr Syrskyi and Valeri Zaluzhnyi
 China begins its mission of good offices on the Ukrainian conflict
 Four Russian aircraft destroyed by Ukraine in Russia
 Ramzan Kadyrov says he paid Ukrainian spies
 Russia withdraws from CFE Treaty
 Russia and Iran sign agreement for a section of the North-South Transport Corridor


 African Union good offices mission to Ukraine and Russia
 Egypt moves closer to Iran
 Brother Rached Ghannouchi sentenced to 1 year in prison
 Commitment by both Sudanese parties to protect civilians
 German ambassador to Chad was preparing a color revolution on behalf of the US
 UN Secretary-General accuses Wagner and Malian army of murder, rape and torture
 Isaias Afwerki in Beijing
 South Africa says it has not delivered weapons to Russia
 South African armies cooperate with Russian counterparts without lining up behind Moscow


 International arrest warrant against Riad Salamé
 Syria officially reintegrated into the Arab League
 US lawmakers oppose normalization of relations with Syria
 Qatari presidency of the 2023 ILO summit challenged
 Recep Tayyip Erdogan expected to be re-elected
 Iran again threatened by US and Israel
 A new electoral map in India
 Imran Khan still under threat from Pakistani government
 Thais vote against junta
 South Korea receives Mrs. Zelensky
 North Korea prepares the launch of its first spy satellite
 USA/China Meeting
 China’s population policy
 For Japan, China and Russia form a military bloc
 Installation of a hotline between the Japanese and Chinese Ministries of Defense


 Australian regional government fears conviction for Covid lockdown measures


 Advisor to Joe Biden elected director of International Organization for Migration
 ASEAN Summit
 Cancellation of the Quad Summit