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Contents of N°50 - 1° September 2023


• BRICS Summit


• Canada prepares for Donald Trump’s return
• Joe Biden’s mental disorders are increasing
• Progress in Joe Biden’s corruption investigations
• How Americans evaluate their political system
• Dramatic increase in suicides among U.S. veterans
• US welcomes 200,000 Ukrainians for 18 months
• The Biden administration vs. Proud Boys
• Will there be a trial for the 9/11/01 attacks?
• US public opinion against the war in Ukraine
• Presidential election in Guatemala
• First round of the presidential election in Ecuador


• Pope Francis and Russia
• Nicolas Sarkozy for reconciliation with Russia
• Martinique votes to recognize Creole
• No government in Spain anytime soon
• Incident in Cyprus
• Switzerland takes sides against Russia
• The Netherlands and Denmark arm the Ukrainian Air Force
• Der Spiegel and ZDF on the trail of saboteurs
• Olaf Scholz baffled by Vladimir Putin’s indifference to Western sanctions
• Annalena Baerbock notes the failure of economic "sanctions" against Russia
• General elections in the Netherlands
• Biased referendum in Poland
• Poland urges Belarus to expel PMC Wagner
• Illiberal summit in Budapest
• Hungary demands protection from Ukrainian agricultural competition
• Viktor Orbán warns that a Turkish Stream sabotage wouldn’t go unpunished
• Kaja Kallas weakened by revelations about her husband’s activities
• Resignation of No. 2 of the European Commission
• Training of EU diplomats
• Russia disputes version of death of General Jean-Louis Georgelin
• Russian Sanctions Against Enemies of the State
• Assassination of PMC Wagner’s leaders


• Resignation of Najla Mangoush who had met her Israeli counterpart
• Libya-Chad joint operation against Chadian rebels
• Ethiopia joins BRICS
• Coup d’état in Niger
• Coup d’état in Gabon
• Fighting goes on in Sudan
• Disputed presidential election in Zimbabwe


• Division within Netanyahu’s government
• France gets bogged down in Lebanon
• News from the Syrian opposition
• Washington spares Riyadh
• Saudi Arabia joins BRICS
• UAE and India
• Iranian oil blocked in the US
• Iran Sentences U.S. to $330 Million in Damages for 1980 Failed Coup
• Iran joins BRICS
• Iranian justice prosecutes singer Mehdi Yarrahi
• Iran threatens to retaliate against Israeli attacks
• Imran Khan finally free!
• India sends craft to Moon
• Bangladesh threatened by Jamaat-e-Islami
• Political overthrow in Thailand
• Dynastic transmission of power in Cambodia
• China-US negotiations
• Beijing spies on Taiwan
• China can detect nuclear submarines
• Japan begins the discharge of Fukushima waters


• Australia explains AUKUS


• Towards a Far Eastern NATO
• 1,600 scientists against COP goals