Washington’s reaction, followed by that of its main allies, to the "Conference for the Victory of Israel" and the standing ovation given to Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf in the presence of 12 serving ministers has profoundly reshuffled the cards in the Middle East.

This rabbi had been sentenced to life imprisonment in Israel for killing Arabs. He claims to be an extension of the "Stern Gang", which murdered the British Colonial Minister in 1944 and the United Nations special envoy Count Folke Bernadotte in 1948.

His group survived throughout the Cold War, carrying out massacres and atrocities in Africa and Latin America under the guise of fighting communism. At the time, the Anglo-Saxons found these criminals useful to their plans [1]. This is no longer the case, and neither London nor Washington, who know what they’re capable of, can let it turn against them.

This "Conference for the Victory of Israel" was a direct threat to the Anglo-Saxons who are trying to bring Benjamin Netanyahu to his senses [2]. In the .hours that followed, Washington took extraordinary measures against the Jewish supremacists it had previously accommodated, including a ban on the collection and transfer of funds via Western banks. London, Berlin, Paris and finally its major allies followed suit.

US President Joe Biden tried one last time to talk Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into agreeing to a six-week ceasefire. Netanyahu did not change his position, confirming his intention to continue the war and attack Rafah. At best, he agreed to send a delegation to Cairo to resume the negotiations that had been interrupted in Paris. In the end, Joe Biden, stunned to hear him announce a new massacre of civilians, exclaimed before numerous witnesses that Netanyahu was an "asshole" (sic).

Meanwhile, Israel continued its campaign against the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). After calling for the Agency to be dissolved because 12 of its employees (i.e. 0.09% of its employees in Gaza) had allegedly taken part in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, the IDF claimed that Hamas had set up its headquarters in a tunnel under UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters. And when the agency’s director, Philippe Lazarini, claimed ignorance of the accusations, Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan tweeted: "It’s not that you don’t know, it’s that you don’t want to know. We have shown the terrorists tunnels under UNRWA schools and provided evidence that Hamas is exploiting UNRWA. We implored you to carry out a comprehensive search of all UNRWA facilities in Gaza. But not only did you refuse, you chose to bury your head in the sand. Assume your responsibilities and resign today. Every day, we find more proof that in Gaza, Hamas=the UN and vice-versa. You can’t trust anything the UN says, or anything they say about Gaza.

Deprived of funding, the Agency was preparing to close its doors. It informed the Lebanese and Jordanian governments that it would no longer be able to help not only Gazans and West Bankers, but also the hundreds of thousands of refugees they were hosting.

Suddenly, the Anglo-Saxon turnaround changed the mood. Some countries restored their funding for UNRWA, while Iran called for calm. Attacks on US military bases became rare. The Anglo-Saxons and the Axis of Resistance, last month’s irreconcilable enemies, were talking again via intermediaries and perhaps directly. Interrupted negotiations resumed everywhere.

This lull will probably be short-lived, but for the time being, Westerners have the same interests as all the peoples of the Middle East: to halt the murderous madness of the revisionist Zionists. Washington no longer perceives an Israeli defeat as its own defeat. It no longer feels obliged to help it, against its will, in the massacre of Gazans. On the contrary, an Israeli victory would be a defeat for the United States, incapable of maintaining peace and complicit in a massacre.

This about-turn changes everything.

In Tel Aviv’s war cabinet, the certainty of enjoying impunity in all circumstances has vanished: without Washington’s support, Hezbollah would make mincemeat of Israel.

South Africa has lodged an additional claim against Israel with the International Court of Justice (ICJ). It raises the question of the provisional measures required in the event of an Israeli attack on Rafah. Once again following the position of the US State Department, the ICJ ordered Israel to take measures in advance, this time to protect civilians.

In Lebanon, in fact, the former no longer appears to be extremist when it calls for the application of Resolution 1701 in its entirety. It will withdraw its forces from southern Lebanon if Israel also withdraws its forces from the border - not from the demarcation line, but from the border.

Neither the United States nor France makes any further reference to their Israeli-Lebanese peace proposals. For Washington, anything for a separate peace and a division of the Axis of Resistance. For Paris, the same thing, but with a more complex legal framework, referring to the Naqoura Agreement (1996) and Resolution 1701 (2006). On the contrary, they hope that Hezbollah will keep up the pressure on the IDF on the northern border to prevent them from attacking Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

The Middle East heavyweights Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran, putting their differences on the back burner, are coming together to face the enemy of them all: the revisionist Zionists. Saudi Arabia and Iran renewed their ties a year ago, thanks to the goodwill of the People’s Republic of China [3].

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan traveled to Egypt to meet his counterpart, Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, with whom he had previously refused to speak. Indeed, in 2013, General al-Sissi had overthrown President Mohamed Morsi, except that the latter had rigged his election [4] and 40 million Egyptians had demonstrated against him, then 33 million celebrated his overthrow [5].

Egypt urgently organized a vast camp capable of accommodating 1 million Gazans in Sinai. The al-Arjani group is due to complete the earthworks and fencing on February 23 [6]. Palestinians could be allowed to flee the Israeli bombs and take refuge there. Turkey and Saudi Arabia would come to their aid.

Of course, no one wants to see the Palestinians expelled from their land. So, everyone is planning what to do next: how to topple Benjamin Netanyahu and the revisionist Zionists who surround him?

We can therefore expect a political cataclysm in Israel in the coming weeks. If Benjamin Netanyahu disappears from the political scene, the Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky will also find himself in the hot seat.

The question is whether, in this disarray, each protagonist will keep his or her commitments and pursue the common plan to its conclusion, or whether certain players will take advantage of the confusion to impose their solutions.

Roger Lagassé

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