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Contents of N°84


• 1037 Georgia and the financing of political organizations from abroad


• 1038 Western companies allowed to source Russian metal
• 1039 House of Representatives votes $95 billion in aid to foreign states
• 1040 Mike Johnson radically changes his political line
• 1041 House of Representatives Continues Hearings on Wave of Anti-Semitism in Universities
• 1042 Widespread pro-Palestinian protests on U.S. campuses
• 1043 Presidential immunity before the Supreme Court
• 1044 Bennie Thompson proposes to lift protection of former President Donald Trump if convicted
• 1045 According to Tucker Carlson, the CIA blackmails lawmakers
• 1046 The United States and the "Netzah Yehuda" Criminal Battalion
• 1047 New Vocabulary Guidelines at the New York Times
• 1048 FCC corrupted by George Soros
• 1049 Americans think their press is not free
• 1050 Nicaragua swaps its embassy from Seoul to Pyongyang
• 1051 New government without legitimacy in Haiti
• 1052 Washington’s "sanctions" against Venezuela
• 1053 Argentina asks to become a "global partner" of NATO


• 1054 The tainted blood scandal in the United Kingdom
• 1055 France reduces its armies
• 1056 Netherlands calls for extension of sanctions against West Bank settlers
• 1057 Andrzej Duda declares Poland ready to host U.S. nuclear bombs
• 1058 Andrzej Duda denounces the takeover of Ukrainian farmland by US transnationals
• 1059 Viktor Orbán denounces the EU’s warmongering
• 1060 For Peter Szijjarto, Brussels and Washington are competing to escalate the war in Ukraine
• 1061 European Parliament defends use of foreign funds for political campaigns
• 1062 European Parliament limits cash payments to €10,000
• 1063 Towards an Armenian-Azerbaijani Peace Treaty
• 1064 Gagauzia under pressure
• 1065 Andriy Yermack’s Eschatological Interpretation of the War in Ukraine
• 1066 Volodymyr Zelensky thanks the United States
• 1067 Russian economy in good health
• 1068 Sergey Lavrov’s revelations on the 2022 draft peace treaty with Ukraine
• 1069 According to Sergey Lavrov, Washington is blocking any negotiations on nuclear weapons
• 1070 Arrest of Russian Deputy Minister of Defense
• 1071 Navalny Team Video
• 1072 Russia steps up counter-terrorism coordination


• 1073 Morocco gets involved in Palestinian-Israeli negotiations
• 1074 "General" Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo in Washington’s crosshairs
• 1075 The CFA franc in question
• 1076 Niger breaks with U.S. armies
• 1077 Chad prepares to break with the West


• 1078 Israel’s attack on Iran, April 19
• 1079 Itamar Ben-Gvir mocks Israel’s attack on Iran
• 1080 Previous Israeli drone attacks
• 1081 General Yitzhak Brik Predicts Catastrophe
• 1082 Bezalel Smotrich legalizes Jewish settlements in the West Bank
• 1083 Sin Beth worried about overly favorable conditions of detention of Jewish terrorists
• 1084 Avner Netanyahu Requests Removal of Wikipedia Entry
• 1085 The Israeli torture center of Sde Teiman
• 1086 Meir Porush demands that the UN bring unleavened bread and wine to hostages in Gaza
• 1087 Resignation of Israeli generals
• 1088 Hamas seeks new asylum
• 1089 Hamas Prisoners of War
• 1090 Anti-Arab pogroms in the West Bank
• 1091 Türkiye considers expelling NATO from Incirlik
• 1092 Iran to receive Sukhoi SU-35s
• 1093 India’s election campaign marred by sectarianism
• 1094 Pakistan and Iran refer Israel’s bombing of diplomatic premises to the United Nations
• 1095 North Korea strengthens economic and military cooperation with Iran
• 1096 Xi Jinping says U.S. must stop arming Ukraine
• 1097 Reform of the Chinese armies
• 1098 Wang Yi condemns U.S. veto of Palestine’s UN membership
• 1099 Sanae Takaichi honors Japanese militarism


• 1100 Joe Biden insults Papua New Guinea


• 1101 According to SIPRI, the West is dangerously increasing its military spending


• 1102 The Illegal Syria Investigative Mechanism Continues
• 1103 Russia vetoes redundant resolution on nuclear weapons in outer space
• 1104 U.S. vetoes Palestine’s full accession
• 1105 WFP to assist in food distributions in Gaza
• 1106 UN Independent Investigation Finds UNRWA Neutral
• 1107 Towards an investigation into the mass graves of Shifa and Nasser hospitals