President Biden has authorized Ukraine to conduct limited attacks inside Russia with American-made weapons, US officials said. Some US allies have already gone further. Britain weeks ago, allowed Ukraine to use its long-range Storm Shadow missile systems for strikes anywhere in Russia, and France and Germany have recently taken the same stance. The decision announced by President Biden is due in particular to the pressure exerted by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to eliminate restrictions on the use of US weapons by Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was tasked with announcing Washington’s decision to the European Allies. Speaking at the European Union Council, he declared: According to international law, Ukraine has the right to self-defence. And the right to self-defence also includes striking legitimate military targets inside Russia.

At the same time, Poland announced its purchase of long-range missiles from the United States and declared that it was ready to host NATO nuclear weapons. Sweden did the same: as soon as it joined NATO, it stated that it was available to host US nuclear weapons in the event of war.

France has tested a new air-launched nuclear missile and has allocated 13% of its military budget to upgrading its nuclear weapons. Against which targets in Russia the long-range missiles supplied by the United States and other NATO countries to Ukraine are directed, is demonstrated by the news released by Kyiv that a Ukrainian drone targeted a second Russian long-range military radar. It is an early warning radar, designed to detect ballistic missiles, including hypersonic ones, and aircraft up to 10,000 km away.

The Ukrainian army can’t be able to carry out such an attack deep into Russian territory on its own. The Ukrainian military is in growing difficulty, so much so that Kyiv has passed a law that allows recruiting common prisoners, including criminals, from prisons willing to go to the front in exchange for freedom. Furthermore, an attack of this type requires a military satellite network which Ukraine does not have. The ones carrying out attacks of this type against Russia are US forces and NATO forces under US command. Countries like Italy, which “host” US nuclear weapons, violating the Non-Proliferation Treaty, are therefore transformed into the front line of a nuclear confrontation with Russia, more dangerous than that of the Cold War.