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Contents of N°90


• 1382 Joe Biden presents the "Israeli" peace offer


• 1383 Emmanuel Macron has obtained a waiver for Airbus from Canadian sanctions against Russia
• 1384 Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to Congress
• 1385 Bernie Sanders won’t go to Congress to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu
• 1386 Joe Biden’s interview with Time Magazine
• 1387 House of Representatives passes sanctions against Karim Khan
• 1388 The Biden administration authorizes Ukraine to strike Russian territory
• 1389 Ukraine forced Washington’s hand twice
• 1390 Donald Trump vows to declassify his country’s political secrets
• 1391 The plot against Donald Trump
• 1392 Myriam Adelson buys Donald Trump
• 1393 Congress dismisses James and Hunter Biden for perjury
• 1394 The authors of Fake News, according to the CIA
• 1395 Mexico General Election
• 1396 Brazil recalls its ambassador to Israel
• 1397 Chile joins South Africa’s lawsuit against Israel


• 1398 The United Kingdom’s Involvement in the Gaza Massacre
• 1399 Standard & Poor’s downgrades the French economy
• 1401 Emmanuel Macron calls for peace in Palestine
• 1402 Israel banned from Eurosatory 2024
• 1403 The Cook Islands offer to mediate in New Caledonia
• 1404 Germany authorizes Ukraine to strike Russian territory
• 1405 Kaja Kallas redefines victory in Ukraine
• 1406 Andrzej Duda vetoes the recognition of the Silesian language
• 1407 Robert Fico will not return in the next few weeks
• 1408 Viktor Orbán wants to stop the EU’s warmongering
• 1409 The Farmers Defense Forces in Brussels
• 1410 The European Commission denounces Russian "propaganda"
• 1411 Bishop Bagrat Galstanian resigns as Armenian bishop
• 1412 Georgia against LGBT propaganda
• 1413 Controversy over the official translation of the North Atlantic Treaty into Georgian
• 1414 The Russian army repels an attack on the Kerch bridge
• 1415 Volodymyr Zelensky buys Kyrenia casino
• 1416 Sino-Russian relations according to Volodymyr Zelensky
• 1417 French instructors already on their way to Ukraine
• 1418 Russian army shells Ukrainian energy facilities
• 1419 The Kremlin considers an asymmetrical response to the actions of its US "enemies"


• 1420 Russian army deploys in Libya
• 1421 Towards a Russian-Sudanese agreement
• 1422 South Africa General Election


• 1423 Benjamin Netanyahu accepts congressional invitation
• 1424 According to Israeli law, UNRWA is terrorist
• 1425 IDF revised its plan for Rafah
• 1426 Benjamin Netanyahu says creating a Palestinian state is a reward for terrorism
• 1427 Yoav Gallant confirms that the fighting will last until the destruction of Hamas
• 1428 Israeli police hold protester incommunicado for five days
• 1429 Benny Gantz says Haredi military status is of no consequence to IDF
• 1430 Itamar Ben-Gvir claims that the Temple Mount belongs to the Jews
• 1431 More trucks in Gaza, but less humanitarian aid
• 1432 Israel halts transfer of Palestinian public funds to Gaza
• 1433 The PFLP and Islamic Jihad fade away in favor of Hamas
• 1435 Human toll of Operation "Iron Sword"
• 1436 Lebanese Forces against Syrian Refugees
• 1437 The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan agrees with the monarchy
• 1438 Battle within the pro-Western opposition in Afrin
• 1439 Washington could recognize a second "Kurdistan", but still not in Turkey
• 1440 Saudi Arabia adapts its school curricula
• 1441 Attacks on U.S. restaurant chains in Iraq
• 1442 Bahrain seeks Chinese mediation
• 1443 Ansar Allah attacks U.S. military ships
• 1444 USCENTCOM claims to have attacked Ansar Allah in self-defense
• 1445 Ali Khamenei comments on Ruhollah Khomeini’s vision of Palestine
• 1446 Tehran and the "Israeli" peace plan for Gaza
• 1447 General Elections in Bharat
• 1448 The Maldives prohibit Israeli citizens from entering the country
• 1449 China confirms it will not take part in the Ukrainian "peace formula" conference
• 1450 China and the memory of Tiananmen


• 1451 UN Security Council is divided over North Korea
• 1452 UNRWA warns of risks of dehydration in Gaza
• 1453 Vanuatu denounces France’s colonial position in New Caledonia
• 1454 NATO plans to transport troops and heavy weapons to Europe