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Contents of N°92


• 1523 Western domination of the rest of the world is now over


• 1524 Canada condemns Russian interference in Moldova
• 1525 The U.S. organized a disinformation campaign about Chinese vaccines
• 1526 Washington signs security agreement with Kiev
• 1527 According to Microsoft, Russian and Chinese secret services launch joint hacking campaigns
• 1528 Congress investigates NewsGuard
• 1529 U.S. industrialists support the Israeli war
• 1530 The Anglo-Saxon secret services have been present in Gaza since the beginning of Operation Iron Sword


• 1531 British political parties publish their programs
• 1532 The Paris Commercial Court forces Eurosatory 2024 to host Israeli firms
• 1533 Dick Schoof becomes the new Prime Minister of the Netherlands
• 1534 Norway donates €8.7 million to UNRWA
• 1536 Washington labels the Nordic Resistance Movement as a "terrorist organization"
• 1537 Andrzej Duda calls for the decolonization of Russia, "the prison of the peoples"
• 1538 EU member states want to restrict travel by Russian diplomats
• 1539 Four EU members use Russian gas
• 1540 Hungary takes over the six-month presidency of the European Council
• 1541 A group of experts from the European Union drafts a plan for the generalized surveillance of "citizens"
• 1542 Opposition to the European Commission’s investigation into China’s subsidies to its electric car manufacturers
• 1543 Serbia relaunches the lithium mining project
• 1544 Armenia withdraws from the CSTO
• 1545 A Georgian party wants to re-establish diplomatic relations with Moscow
• 1546 Military training of Ukrainian pupils and students
• 1547 Gay demonstration in Kiev
• 1548 NATO’s Nazi networks
• 1549 Vladimir Putin presents a peace plan with Ukraine
• 1550 Reform of the Russian Ministry of Defense


• 1551 Israel cuts off gas supplies to Egypt
• 1552 At the G7, Tunisia denounces Israel’s crimes
• 1553 No news of Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo


• 1554 Gali Baharav Miara questions Itamar Ben-Gvir’s interventionism in police operations
• 1555 A week of Israeli resistance to Benjamin Netanyahu
• 1556 Yair Lapid condemns Haredim exemption from military service
• 1557 1557 Yair Netanyahu denounces plans for opposition commission of inquiry into October 7 attack
• 1558 A clarification on the Israeli Intelligence report announcing October 7
• 1559 Palestinian opinion according to the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey research
• 1560 The United Nations assesses the dangerousness of the US landing stage
• 1561 Yoav Gallant opposes the French peace process with Lebanon
• 1562 Lifting of one of the international arrest warrants against Riad Salamé
• 1563 Lebanon accepts the extradition of Abdel Karim Touil and reiterates its request for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah
• 1564 IDF uses trebuchets against southern Lebanon
• 1565 The Muslim Brotherhood will participate in the Jordanian legislative elections
• 1566 Controversy over the interpretation of the JCPOA
• 1567 Strengthening of Russian-North Korean relations
• 1568 Ukrainian-Japanese Cooperation Agreement
• 1569 Japan considers sanctions against countries trading with Russia


• 1570 According to SIPRI, China is developing its nuclear arsenal much faster than its rivals


• 1571 93 states support the ICC against Israel
• 1572 WHO warns of the plight of malnourished children in Gaza
• 1573 Volker Turk denounces the deterioration of human rights in Gaza
• 1574 Ukraine Peace Summit’s Fiasco
• 1575 The protection of democracy, according to the G7
• 1576 NATO uses Chinese rejection of unilateral Atlantic coercive measures as a pretext