Last November, Amichay Eliyahu, Minister of Heritage, proposed using tactical atomic bombs to finish off the Arabs of Palestine. At the time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied and sanctioned him. However, it has been clear for several months that the most extreme statements, even when denied, were not made by chance, but to prepare international public opinion for what was to follow.

The border between northern Israel and southern Lebanon is incandescent, as rumors of an imminent invasion by the Israeli army to pulverize the Shiite guerrilla group Hezbollah have not been denied, and multimedia close to Joe Biden makes no secret of the USA’s unconditional support for the operation [1].

In Judge Napolitano’s interview with retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor (DMG), 77, Pentagon adviser under the Trump administration, and current commentator on military matters, expanded on the feasibility of an Israeli attack on Hezbollah and, at minute 19:03, menacingly urged "not to rule out the possibility of Israel using tactical nuclear weapons (sic) against Hezbollah [2]".

It looks as if several Israeli politicians [3] et rabbins [4] and rabbis [5] , as well as the pugnacious Republican Senator Lindsey Graham [6], who suggested that Israel use its nuclear weapons as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki [7] to regain its "deterrent force [8]", are going to have their nuclear wishes granted.

DMG endorsed the reckless assertion of Biden’s "mediator", the Khazarian Amos Hochstein [9], 51, a dual US-Israeli citizen, born in Israel and having served in the Hebrew army, who "warned Lebanese officials that if Hezbollah did not cease its almost daily attacks on the north, Israel could launch a limited attack (re-sic) with US support [10]".

DMG pointed out that the Israeli invasion would coincide with the arrival, from June 23 to 25 (mega-sic!), of the strike group embarked on the US aircraft carrier. He asserted that the United States would support Israel with its satellites, aircraft, missiles, naval force and its entire surveillance and reconnaissance system with data exchange.

He also asserted that Hezbollah would receive similar support from Iran, and that in the event of a US attack on Iran, Russia and China would not abandon the Shiite theocracy.

All this has been well known since we first hypothesized, at the outset of Israel’s war against Hamas, that what Netanyahu is really after is the destruction of Iran by the USA [11].

DMG believes that the situation in the Middle East is far more dangerous than in Ukraine: soon leading to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz - which would cause the price of a barrel of oil to soar - and internal explosion in Egypt and Turkey, whose populations do not tolerate the genocide in Gaza.

DMG has confirmed that Pakistan - which possesses 170 nuclear bombs [12]- has offered to make its arsenal available to Turkey - two major Sunni regional powers - to rebalance deterrence against Israel.

On the other hand, Western publications underestimate the actual number of Israel’s clandestine nuclear bombs and, depending on one’s leanings, place it between 90 and 400 (mega-sic). In my opinion, the figure of 400 nuclear bombs is more accurate, given that former President James Carter declared long ago that Israel possessed more than 300 (sic) [13].

For its part, Iran’s diplomatic mission to the United Nations warned Israel of the consequences of an all-out war against the Hezbollah resistance group in Lebanon, and asserted that "Israel would be the big loser [14]".

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah warned that in the event of an Israeli invasion, he would fight without rules or limits, and threatened to target the Greek part of Cyprus militarily if Israel continued to use its airports and bases for military purposes [15].

Every time the two Khazars Antony Blinken (eight visits), Secretary of State, and Amos Hochstein (four visits) come to try to appease both the war in Gaza and the escalating cross-border attacks between Hezbollah and Israel, both delicate situations get worse.

Roger Lagassé

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