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Contents of N°93


• 1577 Will Israel succeed in attacking Lebanon and pushing the United States to nuke Iran?


• 1578 Canada recalls its nationals from Lebanon
• 1579 Louisiana Displays the Ten Commandments in Classrooms
• 1580 Robert O’Brien presents candidate Donald Trump’s foreign policy
• 1581 Donald Trump backs Screams Before Silence
• 1582 Israeli-US dual nationals against Benjamin Netanyahu
• 1583 In the New York Times, Israeli figures speak out against Benjamin Netanyahu
• 1584 Trial against UNRWA in Manhattan
• 1585 US Treasury Department Sanctions Iran Again
• 1586 Coup attempt in Bolivia


• 1587 Emmanuel Macron warns of danger of "civil war" in France
• 1588 Bernard Bajolet and the treasure of the DGSE
• 1589 Cyprus responds to Hezbollah
• 1590 Extension of censorship in Europe
• 1591 Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine
• 1592 BlackRock could pull out of Ukraine
• 1593 Ukraine celebrates the start of EU accession negotiations
• 1594 Italian and NATO involvement in Ukrainian strikes on Crimea
• 1595 Islamist violence in Russia


• 1596 Niger revokes Orano’s operating license
• 1597 Burkina Faso recovers MINUSMA ammunition
• 1598 Riots in Kenya
• 1599 Cyril Ramaphosa re-elected


• 1600 IDF spokesman says it is not possible to eradicate Hamas
• 1601 Israel’s economy minister will not vote for military service reform
• 1602 Benny Gantz condemns hostage abandonment
• 1603 Netanyahu-Ben-Gvir feud
• 1604 The State Comptroller does not have access to the security archives
• 1605 The submarine affair comes up again
• 1606 Sde Teiman torture center outside Israeli and international law
• 1607 Sarah Netanyahu blocks Israeli public diplomacy
• 1608 Nathan Sharansky now the secret head of Israeli public diplomacy
• 1609 Major anti-Netanyahu demonstration
• 1610 Benjamin Netanyahu unmoved by protests
• 1611 Sion Oil and Gas prays for Netanyahu
• 1612 The IDF appoints an investigator into its October 7 failures
• 1613 Israel Katz welcomes new US sanctions against Iran
• 1614 Famine in Gaza once again
• 1615 The Pentagon’s Role in Humanitarian Aid to Gaza
• 1616 Ismail Haniyeh reiterates Hamas’ conditions
• 1617 The Daily Telegraph blames Hezbollah
• 1618 Toll of Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon
• 1619 Hakan Fidan confirms Hassan Nasrallah’s accusations
• 1620 Türkiye moves away from NATO to BRICS
• 1621 China and Russia support Iran’s interpretation of the JCPOA
• 1622 Symbolic escalation in Korea
• 1623 Fumio Kishida and the LDP at the end of the road


• 1624 Revelations about the AUKUS pact
• 1625 Renewed violence in New Caledonia


• 1626 Death toll in Gaza
• 1627 Humanitarian aid situation in Gaza
• 1628 Health situation in Gaza
• 1629 Situation of United Nations personnel in Gaza