George W. Bush’s first presidential mandate marks a rupture in the United States history. He has restarted the imperial project implemented in the 19th Century in Latin America and the Pacific. He is convinced that they can rule the planet themselves.

The United States has become the single hyper-power and, therefore, it has embarked, wholeheartedly, on a conquest dream seemingly unstoppable, except for the inevitable final and inescapable catastrophe, the "dawn of the Gods" when all megalomanias succumb.

The justification to this fantasy can be found in the 9/11 attacks, attributed to an invisible and, at the same time, omnipresent, enemy, the Islamic world complot called Al Qaeda. It nurtures from the fear spread among the people while, at the same time, disguises itself in noble principles: the United States is waging a eschatological battle against the "Axis of Evil".

He pretends to be sowing democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq by dropping tons of bombs over civil populations. He assures us that he wants to defend freedom by torturing even children in Bagram and Abu Gharib. He pretends to be promoting justice by imprisoning innocents in Guantánamo’s hell.

As any other human insanity throughout history, the one that has taken hold of the United States is not a sudden or temporary disease, but the result of a long incubation. A people made up by immigrant settlers who freed from King George III despotism because he subjected them to and abusive tax and forced them to respect Indian agreements.

The United States obtained its independence to put in place its religious project, out of the Anglican tutelage; to implement its economic project, out of the British Treasure; to materialize its expansionist project by expelling and massacring the Indians.

Throughout the 19th Century, it competed with any European imperialism until it finally found the ideal exploitation example and model in the Opium War. Once it became a first power -after the European failure in the First World War- it still had to face up, patiently, to the Soviet Union.
Today, the United States can turn its "wishful thinking" into a reality by developing its economy while destroying nations, a predatory action discreetly called "globalization", and even massacring, again and without remorse, any non-Christian people.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the whole planet has been turned into a hunting area. On September 11, 1990, George H. Bush (senior) submitted his "New World Order" plan to the Congress without hesitating to reuse and take hold of the "New European Order" nazi terminology.
He would not see anything wrong in this, since he had inherited his fortune from the profits illegally obtained by his own father, Prescott Bush, during his negotiations with the nazi war industry and even with the extermination camps in Auschwitz.

Then came the "Dessert Storm" and the Clinton period and the New Order had to wait. Since 1998, the Bushes, supported by their contacts with Richard Mellon Scaife, destabilized the White House by orchestrating the "Lewinsky" case, which resulted in more than one Democrat changing sides. Using the Congress and the Armed Forces General Staff they preferred the rearmament, voted the Bill on Iraq’s Liberation (1991 conflict) and imposed the war on Kosovo. Taking advantage of Clinton’s weakening, they managed to create a Committee presided over by Paul L. Bremer III on international terrorism and another one led by Donald Rumsfeld concerning space vulnerability.

This "Republican" force, though in the opposition, laid the political foundations thus increasingly consolidating their objectives. And while they put in place their plans, they proved that the new guest in the White House was nothing but a mere demagogue with little power. That is why they felt the need to reconquer the presidency using an intermediary of the Bush sect who could save a true president the trouble.

After all, this was a great opportunity for George Jr., an unexpected and new career for the unsuccessful member of the family. Like actor Ronald Reagan, he was going to be the main character addressing the crowd while others, in the shadows, will rule the country. Like the velvet glove hiding the iron hand.

We could never understand how such a mediocre character was able to become President of the United States without the detailed portrait by James Hatfield; what could have been an obstacle for a politician -paradoxically in this situation- turned into an outstanding quality.

This rich kid had the ability to multiply bankruptcies and bribes in the oil business and, at the same time, was able to create an interesting portfolio of contacts like his fruitful business with the Bin Laden family. Irremediable liar who elected himself Governor of Texas with an environmental program.
Then, once elected, he gave a free hand to oil lobby, he had very valuable qualifications for selling wars like those on Afghanistan and Iraq. Alcoholic and cocaine addict, a wonderful incarnation of the indolent and carefree cowboy who knows how to seduce this America and invite it to a get drunk in a bar, without thinking in tomorrow. But there will always be a migraine and hangover awakening.

After cheating in the 2000 presidential elections and allowing the 9/11 attacks happen under his mandate, like others who left the Reichstag burn in the past, George W. Bush launched his USA Patriot Act, suspending individual liberties until the year 2005 in order, as he says, to fight against terrorism. He has unleashed a Muslim witch-hunting like in the McCarthyism era, opening a file on all practitioners and forcing Muslim foreigners to undergo regular controls at police stations.

He has launched a crusade in Afghanistan. He has allowed the elimination of the Muhadines recruited by his father when he was President to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan, who were later on used by the CIA and Osama Bin Laden to continue the struggle against the Russians in Czechenia.

The Muhadines did not rise in arms against the master who was feeding them, but they could not support a conventional army while keeping assault armies. It was the Afghan version of the "night of the long knives".

Los Bushes began their predatory actions in the oil fields. They have confiscated raw materials in Iraq and have allowed private companies to enter and administer the country under the benevolent eye of the Provisional Authority led by his friend Bremer even before installing a native puppet government.

They orchestrated a coup d’etat and kidnapped President Jean-Bertrand Aristide immediately after knowing about the existence of the first oil deposits discovered along the Haitian cost. They have multiplied the coup d’etat attempts against President Hugo Chávez, blamed for taking control and managing the Venezuelan oil company. And, after having promoted the war in Sudan, they are now ready to invade the country to get hold of its oil wells exploited by the Chinese National Company.

The Bushes have begun the reorganization of the United States. Now, the Army Chief of Staff is the fourth most important figure of the country instead of the House of Representatives spokesman. The super-bowl has become the ideal occasion for a military show, like the 1936 Olympic Games in the Nazi German.

A phantom military government has been created, capable of replacing, at any time, the civil administration if it were eliminated by an attack. A new Joint Command has been established with the regrouping of the armed forces present in the American national territory, and the nuclear and special forces under the unique authority of General Ralph E. Eberhar. That same Commander has engaged in the surveillance of civil populations, filing on and classifying political opinions, religious beliefs and trade union tendencies.

Soldiers in their fatigues are now posted in public places. Like the nazis who preferred to settle their concentration camps in Poland or other places, they have created centers of torture in military bases located in some twenty foreign countries.

But, when George W. Bush announced his mission accomplished in Iraq, dressed in a military uniform on an aircraft carrier, he not only crossed the Rubicon and replaced his function as civil President by that of Commander in Chief of the Army, but also he eliminated himself because he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

That same army that has taken power could one day, without any problem, replace the puppet now residing in the White House whenever they consider him too worn.
For the time being, he is still destroying the international law that has always inspired respect in civilized international relations. During his second-term inauguration speech, he warns leaders across the world to subdue while, at the same time, he grants himself the unilateral right to intervene wherever and whenever he deems it convenient to expand his empire.

In order to subjugate and dominate, the master of lies has deceitfully taken for himself the words freedom and democracy, while pursuing his macabre projects.
Yes, indeed, the "filthy beast" is back.