The Israeli settlements have always been one of the most dangerous and explosive aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These settlements cause direct tensions and the robbery of land is prejudicial for the creation of a viable Palestinian state.
In the analysis of what could be a final accord, there are proposals referring to these settlements. The recommendations included their elimination and also their maintenance. In the latter case, it could be done in two ways: these territories could be annexed by Israel or the Israeli settlers could become Palestinian citizens. In this case, the settlers would have to obey the Palestinian laws and would have to accept the return of their lands to expelled Palestinians who may still be alive. This would bring up the issue of the number of settlers as they occupy and consume too many resources. Such a situation would in fact constitute a return to the situation that existed before the massive arrival of European Jews when Jews and Muslims coexisted in peace.
In short, the question of the settlements is only a lesser problem compared with other related issues. The most important of those problems is the situation of the Palestinian refugees with respect to International Law.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

«Palestinian refugees should have priority, not Israeli settlers», by Ghassan Khatib, Daily Star, May 7, 2005.