Anyone who doubts the benefits peace can bring should visit Northern Ireland. It is the United Kingdom’s fastest growing economy after the signing of the peace accords that put an end to the civil war. Actually, the process that began with the accords has not finished yet and that is why we can not really speak of peace. However, the situation remains in calm and violence has stopped. That has been enough to improve the living conditions in Northern Ireland. The Irish Protestants and Catholics are both enjoying the advantages of peace and they would not go back to the state of war that existed before.
The same can apply to Israelis and Palestinians. That was the conclusive message of the eighth annual conference of the Milken Institute where there was a joint discussion among Al Gore, Rupert Murdoch, Wesley Clark and seven Nobel Prize winners ... not bad. I was a witness of the conversations among Israelis, Palestinians, non-Palestinian Arabs and Americans about the way in which investments can improve the living conditions of the Palestinians and the Israelis and facilitate the peace process. For analyst Glenn Yago, one of the mistakes of the Oslo process was ignoring economy. Yago recommends “privatizing” the peace process developing common economic programs. This idea is also supported by the Rand Corporación.
This conference has showed the Israeli-Palestinian independence.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

«Money can bring Israeli-Palestinian peace around», by M. J. Rosenberg, Daily Star, May 10, 2005.