The Move America Forward association was created on May 21, 2004 within the Democrat Convention and the viewing of Michael Moore’s documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11. Well financed right from the start, it mobilized the republicans to make pressure on the screening companies so that the film was removed from the publicity board. Simultaneously, the association organized a campaign supporting the troops in Iraq through the publication of letters from soldiers and the collection of packages for the troops.
Move America Forward (which could be translated into Spanish as «Hacer avanzar a América» o «Adelante América») is led by the media-famous Californian lawyer Howard Kaloogian.
From a few days ago, the association has been financing the dissemination of a publicity spot on the U.S. television, whose script is integrally reproduced below:

"The United States is leading a coalition of 30 nations, which has brought freedom to the long-suffering people of Iraq, and are eradicating the terrorist threat."

"But one organization stands in the way of this progress: the United Nations."

"The UN has become an apologist and defender of terrorist organizations and their agents."

"An investigation into the UN ’Oil for Food’ scandal reveals that billions of dollars intended for humanitarian aid instead went to pay the families of Palestinian terrorists, and to buy weapons for Iraq-based terrorists."

"Millions more went to bribe journalists and officials in the countries opposing Operation Iraqi Freedom, like France, Germany and Russia, the most vocal critics of the war. What a coincidence!"

"It’s time we sent a message to the UN: We’re not going to tolerate your conduct anymore."

"We tell other countries not to harbor organizations that support terrorists, why then do we harbor the United Nations here in America?"

In fact, Move America Forward is only the facade of a communication agency - Russo Marsh & Rogers (also called King Media Group), which works for the Republican Party. The association’s president Mr. Howard Kaloogian distinguished himself in 2003 after successfully organizing a T.V. campaign that forced the CBS group to resign the broadcasting of a poorly flattering soap opera dedicated to the Reagans. Together with Russo Marsh & Rogers, he organized a campaign to denigrate governor Davis from California. He reactivated the old «Recall» law, fallen into oblivion and managed to invalidate his opponent.

While commentators looked forward to seeing his candidature for the post, Mr. Kaloogian stepped down at the last moment in favor of an unlearned in politics, actor Arnold Schwartzenerger. This surprise, for which de Democratic Party was not prepared, was orchestrated at the White House by President Bush’s political advisor Karl Rove, and ended up, as everyone knows, in the election of a republican governor.

There is no doubt, therefore, that the very rich Move America Forward association emerged at least from the Republican Party, let alone the White House. The campaign against the UN should not be considered as an isolated event, but rather a political message that paved the way for George W. Bush’s second term of office. It is the continuity of a strong ideological stream denouncing the international right as an intolerable limitation of the U.S. sovereignty and advocates the construction of an empire in a vast area of influence detached from the rest of the world. It opposes “America’s manifested destiny” - its mission to bring freedom to the world - to the international law jointly prepared by the States.

The publicity spot we are referring to is an almost perfect example of political propaganda. It addresses the U.S. citizens and is not made to circulate abroad. In a bunch of phrases it turns more or less implicit budgets into evidence. It winds up mobilizing T.V. watchers into a purifying impetus typical of authoritarian regimes.
As the spot begins, the voice-off indicate that the United States and the Coalition have brought freedom to the long-suffering Iraqi people. This presentation frees Washington from its responsibility in Saddam Hussein’s access to power, in the war that he waged on the Iranian revolution, in the invasion of Kuwait and in the first Gulf war, in the crack down of Kurd and Shiites movements, in the years of embargo and in the second Gulf war. It presents the colonization of the country as the freedom of its population.

The voice-off concludes by saying that the United States eradicates the terrorist threat, leading to a causality relationship between Iraq and terrorism. On the other hand, Move America Forward has broadcast false documents prone to prove that Saddam Hussein was linked to Al Qaeda and to the September 11 Terrorist Attacks.

In the following phrase the voice challenges the admission by the UN of a PLO delegation that represents the Palestinian people without State. As an axiom, it states that the PLO is a terrorist organization, that the Palestinians are its agents and, in consequence, that the UN supports terrorism.

Next the voice denounces the use of funds from the «Oil for Foods» program to pay the relatives of terrorists and purchase weapons for them. It is based on “an” investigation, not specified, while the official investigation led by American citizen Volcker is underway.

The expression “to pay the relatives of terrorists” refers to the resettlement aid offered by Iraq to the Palestinian families whose houses were destroyed by the Israeli army. Some of these families were victims of collective punishments inflicted by Tsahal since one of his sons was involved in an anti-Israeli action.

The voice then takes again on its own the imputations of an Iraqi newspaper controlled by the Coalition according to which French, German and Russian leaders had been corrupted by the Saddam Hussein’s regime in order to hamper the U.S. action against him [1]. What can be gathered from it is that the invasion of Iraq was fair and that its opponents were acting in bad faith, so the UN and the international law are but a subterfuge hindering Good. To conclude, it is necessary “to expel the UN from the United States”.

[1“L’intox des barils irakiens”, (The disinformation of the Iraqi barrels, text in French), Voltaire, January 20, 2004.