For an ever increasing number of companies and their employees, Europe has become a space where their strategies and future are defined. Globalization is not a homogeneous phenomenon and Europe continues to be the main market. That is why those companies, that constitute the backbone of our economy, are concerned about the direction of the debate on the constitutional referendum and they have decided to voice their opinions in this respect. In fact, these companies need a unified and strong Europe and an influential France.

France is undoubtedly going through an identity crisis. It has to modernize its public systems and intensify its struggle against unemployment and exclusion. At the same time, it wants to continue enjoying a high-performance social system. The sense of solidarity and love for the initiatives are the two pillars of the past, present and future prosperity of our country. The European Project, which is neither ultra-liberal nor collectivist, is the best project for our future. France would make a big mistake obstructing the European construction due to an existential anguish or circumstantial difficulties. France has become a prosperous country thanks to Europe.

The gradual integration of the European economic space is what has permitted the creation of world renowned French groups as they counted on an internal market similar to the one that, for a long time, has served as a support for the American companies. This market is what will allow current medium companies to reach world level. Europe must be strong in the international field to obtain favorable economic agreements. French companies know they need to be competitive but they also know that, in order to achieve it, they should contribute to the preservation of the French social model on which their employees depend. A France weakened by a “NO” in the referendum would lose power in supporting a European model that integrates the essential values that constitute the foundation of our society. Finally, France has a decisive trump card to face its competitors but it needs Europe to fully develop its possibilities.

It is likely that a “NO” in the referendum will not have visible negative consequences in the immediate future. However, it would break the dynamics that have benefited us so much in the last 40 years.

Le Figaro (France)
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L’appel des cent, a group of 100 heads of French companies of the Enterprise Institute, Le Figaro, May 20, 2005.