Our long period of peace in Europe has led many Europeans to believe that we are living in the best of all possible worlds. Wrong! The concerned supporters of the NO in France are about to shake Europe and the Europeans wonder why. In order to understand, Europe should live in France. The “No” vote is about to win or it will lose by a narrow margin. In any case, the plebiscite will not be the one that Jacques Chirac was counting on to make his mark on history. In fact, if Chirac wants to leave his stamp, he’d better off spray-painting graffiti in the Elysée public toilets than relying on the French people. After a decade in office, his popularity ratings are 39% and around 50% of the French reject the new constitution. No one has read the constitution. The version of the text that I have received by mail has 364 pages plus another 460 in annexes. I am not going to read it. Is that irresponsible of me? Yes, but I have not finished reading Aristotle yet so I am not going to dedicate by immediate reading to Giscard. It is true that there are summaries but I do not trust them because I do not know who wrote them. It is hard for me to believe that anyone would want to digest it without having any other motives than making them more accessible. So, our only choice is to trust those who tell us to vote for the text. Now, it is Jacques Chirac, a man who delivers anti-globalization speeches and, at the same time, attacks public services in France, and it is also Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who promised three years ago to cut unemployment and, instead, it continues to increase. How can we trust them?

Source: Time Magazine (United States) Reference: “No Text, Please, We’re French” by Bruno Gaccio, Time Magazine, May 22, 2005.