Can anyone try to imagine how the European Union will be like in 10 or 15 years? There are important European economic structures and tendencies: 10% unemployment rates for 20 years; systematic dismantling of public services; increase of inequalities; increase of abstention, and increase of populist and extreme-right parties.
The European Constitution will only aggravate these tendencies as it institutionalizes the policies that have led to this situation. By doing so, it puts peoples against other peoples. Today, there is no political Europe and there will not be one in the future either with this Constitution as the text organizes submission to the impersonal forces of the market. The Europe of the 25 is based on four groups of countries with very different strategic and political interests:

 Great Britain, an Atlantist above all, occupies a secondary place in the European Union and blocks all efforts to reach a fiscal harmonization. During the war of Iraq, it backed George W. Bush and blocked any political action by Europe.

 The three former Fascist dictatorships (Spain, Portugal and Greece), which owe a lot to the European Union, accept all European directives afraid of losing their financing. Currently, they are competing with the new member states and see the European Union as a useful way out for their own development needs, not as a destination community.

 The new members, particularly those that belonged to the former Warsaw Pact, want, above all, to take distance from Russia and for that reason, in the first place, they have chosen the United States which has provided them with a military shield and a ultra-liberal “shock therapy”. During the war of Iraq, they remained loyal to Washington when the occasion for a breaking-off came up.

 The French-German pair and the Benelux: this is the engine of the European Union, henceforth drowned in this amalgam. The monstrous institutional construction of the Constitution aims at drowning its dynamics.

A political project that aspires to be in power, needs to have the necessary attributes but this text is an obstacle for any economic policy. In the social and fiscal fields, the rule of unanimity deprives the Union of all means of action. As to defense and foreign policy, Article I-41.7 submits the European Union to NATO. What is left? Nothing. The Union has its hands tied up and it is gagged. If the “Yes” wins on May 29th, the European Union will sink even more into a crisis whose magnitude can hardly be imagined.

The future crisis can only accelerate the growth of nationalist movements while social dumping will increase. The planned end of the European Union can be eliminated. By stopping this hideous machine, the European Union will be able to continue relying on more realistic foundations.

Source: Le Monde (France)
Reference: “La fin programmée de l’Union européenne”, by Jacques Nikonoff, Le Monde, May 23, 2005.