If everything turns out all right, the Israelis will very soon have left Gaza, but nobody knows what will happen to the abandoned settlements. To start with, those buildings should be destroyed but that doesn’t seem to be the top priority choice any longer and reflection is needed about that which is considered more feasible to broaden the framework of opportunities.
Those who advocate destruction think that such luxurious houses do not go with the necessities of the Palestinians, whose population is large and poor. Consequently, it would be necessary to replace those houses with big apartment blocks. If rich Palestinians happened to occupy those houses, social tensions would increase or Hamas would take the houses to turn them into their symbol of victory. However, the destruction would cost $ 18 million according to a study by the Aspen Institute and would present a bad image of Israel. In contrast, giving such settlements to the Palestinian Authority so that it turned the place into a symbol of peace would mean lots of benefits.
A third party could also get involved in purchasing such territories so that the Palestinians could work there in greenhouses. Moreover, having an mediator would make the process easier. An organization such as Seed of Peace could take care of the issue. However, other NGO’s or UN agencies could also cooperate in this regard.

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