On May 8, 1802, general Napoleon Bonaparte was appointed First Consul of the Republic for another 10 years. What may seem as a political victory was in fact the reward of the treachery: the General committed himself to satisfying the supporters of the Old Regime. To begin with, he granted an amnesty to emigrated aristocrats, who had taken arms against the French people. Later, he had his brother-in-law, General Leclerc, arrest Toussaint Louverture, the hero of Saint-Dominique and he restored slavery on May 11. In order to implement this decision, his armies conducted a terrible repression in the Caribbean. In Guadeloupe, the men of General Richepanse killed one out of every 10 inhabitants.
On May 11, 2001, the National Assembly passed the Taubira law that labeled slavery as a crime against humanity.