Dear John:
You have become the first director of the national intelligence service. Regrettably, the law that created this post is ambiguous since its purpose is to please Donald Rumsfeld. Therefore, any control that you may have on the State Department Intelligence Service is not well defined. However, if the nation is to be protected, you will be obliged to fight for the control of such service, something that does not go with your nature.
You’ll be obliged to shake the CIA - a demobilized service with a double identity, half an analysis service and half an espionage service. That structure must be broken, analysts must be assigned to the Office of National Assessment and a national covert service must be created with the rest, which should be directed by someone with recent espionage experience, and the right person is not other but Porter Goss. The proposal of the Silberman-Robb commission must be implemented and a special counter-terrorism service must be created within the FBI. The framework of Bob Mueller’s half reforms must be outstripped
Within the Defense Department there exist various services in charge of collecting intelligence information. These services are superfluous and a legacy of the Cold War. Those services must be unified and put under your control. If Rumsfeld complains, it will then be up to George W. Bush to make a decision. As to the analysis service, you will have to recruit true experts and stimulate the dissident voices.
If you don’t like these proposals, then find your own, but please, be imposing.

New York Times (United States)

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