The United States has just officially acknowledged the presence of foreign mercenaries in Chechnya, who are also financed from abroad. This is something that we have been saying for a long time. We do not know the exact number but we can say that more than a dozen foreign instructors, mainly from Turkey, Canada, Algeria and the United Kingdom, have been eliminated. Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Algeria, are the most represented in Chechnya. According to our data, citizens from 52 countries have been present in the country since the unrest began. The last Afghan killed, Abu Saiax, had fought with Khattab in Tajikistan. The Saudis and the Jordanians occupy the top levels. In the middle we can find the Algerians or Europeans from Algerian origin; then, there are the Turkish, Africans and Pakistanis, who are specialists in explosives, snipers, etc. The presence of these foreigners is explained by the fact that their terrorist activities are financed from abroad and because it is not a real war.
They resort to messengers who crossed the borders with small amounts - 1000 or 2000 dollars - that are later collected. The Council of Sheiks (executive group of the Muslim Brothers, based in Saudi Arabia) gives between 500,000 to two million dollars every two or three weeks depending on the needs. The foreign mercenaries are not all wahabites. There are also other deceived traditional believers who do not know the situation in Chechnya. They are often recruited in European mosques, for example in London, and then they are trained in one military specialty.
I think foreign special services give them technical and logistic assistance. Their methods indicate it. One of the mercenaries that were killed, called Abu Yakub, had been captain of the Saudi armed forces and a member of special services. Immediately after his death, they declared that he had been fired. Former Turkish military men have also been eliminated. In 2002, an English journalist was killed along with an armed group while they tried to enter Chechen territory; neither his family nor the English government ever acknowledged it. I suspect he was a member of the secret services.

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« Уничтоженные в последнее время наемники - граждане Турции, Канады, Алжира и Великобритании », by Ilya Chabalkine,, April 29, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.