Soon there will begin the trial against the murderer of Theo van Gogh. I had asked Theo to accept official protection, but told me that he didn’t want the Dutch police in his house. In the film Submission, on which I participated, his intention was to be provocative. He underestimated the radicalism of his adversaries. I had bodyguards for a long time, but he continued living normally. His murderer left a letter threatening me, completely turning my life upside-down with police protection 24 hours a day. I understand that this “fatwa” (Arab death threat) is directed against me, and against Holland and against everyone in the west. In the eyes of a radical Muslim, every country where it is possible to openly criticize Muslims is an enemy of Islam. If I had known that someone was going to die, I probably wouldn’t have written that script. Later, in thinking of places where I could hide, two countries well aware of the Islamic threat came to mind: Israel and the United States. I choose the United States. I later met with Salman Rushdie, who explained to me how to continue living under a fatwa. After two months in California, I was partially exonerated and therefore decided to return to The Hague for the start up of Parliamentary sessions.
It is grotesque to struggle for the liberation of Muslim women and have to walk around with two bodyguards, as they were my own chador. Radical Islam is too dangerous for our society, perhaps for the entire world. We have to fight that threat and some will die as a result. If we keep silent, more than a few people will die. Islam is very aggressive; there is wealth, there are godfather-like figures and there are desperate people who choose violence. We have to fight to conserve our western values; the price that we have to pay is to stand up to threats. If I continue saying in my book that Islam is retrograde, if I call for measures to force the assimilation of immigrants, if I prepare to continue the film , that means that I am already condemned to the maximum sentence - so from that point on, I can do as I like. If some people of my party, the VVD (rightwing), have felt annoyed by my work, that is because it’s about a liberal party interested in the free market above everything else. In my opinion, Labour Party members and the Greens fight for a very correct political line, they are for the creation of a multicultural society. Due to my criticism of Islam, I would have caused splits in those parties in which there are many Muslim voters. The Dutch security services were only put on alert status after the murder occurred. Following September 11, they met with Muslim leaders, gave money them and requested that maintained their faithfulness in their young people - it was something laughable. Later they tried to unify the different groups that formed liberal and orthodox Muslim camps. The radical young people used the description “volunteer prostitutes” to characterize the “leaders” who wanted to negotiate with the government, who they considered collaborators, traitors, and stupid.
We must penetrate their world. During an investigation made in the Moroccan district of Amsterdam, journalist Magalith Kleijwegt (author of the book Invisible Parents) discovered that the parents are not able to give their children the education necessary to live in a modern western society. They do not speak Dutch, do not know how to read or write, they watch Arab television which fills their heads with conspiracy theories with respect to the West. We do not know what is happening in these parallel worlds. We must adopt a policy of forced integration. We have to prohibit schools based only on faith, and we must consider those children like ours, not leaving their education in the hands of the defenders of a foreign dogma that inculcates them in the doctrine of anti-liberalism. To blindly respect its culture is not a correct approach. Instead of studying European philosophers, many of them study the eleventh century writings of Ibn Abu Taymiya, that proclaims holy war as a way of life. Reality is grotesque; we have all types of non-profit organizations sending individuals to Africa to convince people to use condoms, but in our country the problems continue with no solution. The democracy also includes legitimate intolerance. The intolerable cannot be tolerated. We must declare war on Islamic propaganda. Why must we ignore the women being marginalized, mistreated, and reduced to slavery? Why do we have to ignore that there are people preaching hatred and planning against us?

Der Spiegel (Germany)
Circulation: 1 100 000 copies. An important investigation magazine issued for the first time in 1947, and source of multiple political scandals. It is known for its own journalistic slang and also issues four special editions yearly. The website of the Spiegel is the most successful online magazine in Germany.

”We Must Declare War on Islamic Propaganda”,” by Ayaan Hirsi Alí, Der Spiegel, May 14, 2005. This text has been adapted from an interview.