The Temple Mount is the heart of the Jewish people. As the old wise men used to say, he who controls the Temple Mount, controls Jerusalem; he who controls Jerusalem, controls Israel. The creation of the world began there; Adam was created there and it was there where Abraham prepared the sacrifice of Isaac. Until the Third Temple is built, there will not be harmony in this site where the earth and the sky come together. Any Israeli Prime Minister may turn into the Messiah if he builds the Third Temple. It is not only a duty for the Jews. For the Jewish people, it would mean placing themselves in the lead of humanity. It is a matter of survival. It is a miracle that humanity has not yet destroyed itself in a technological, nuclear or bacteriological catastrophe. The modern models of society drag us to our own downfall. The advent of the post-industrial era is announcing an indispensable world revolution: that of knowledge and spirit. The Temple should be its core.
I know there are two mosques on the mount but they could be moved to Saudi Arabia, for example. Jerusalem does not have any value from the viewpoint of the Muslim tradition. The Koran says that Allah gave this land to the son of Israel. Our movement began a campaign so that the United Nations adopts a resolution about the obligation to build the temple. Fifty-eight years ago, the UN resolution about the creation of Israel could have also seemed an illusion. We can preserve the mosques. As there is no representation, icon or idol, the mosque could be used for the Jewish cult. The Arabs are mystic people and they don’t want us to pray on the Temple Mount as they fear that our prayers may have a harmful influence. My movement sustains that Israel’s borders should extend from the Nile to the Euphrates, borders drawn by the Almighty. The problem of Israel is that the country is not led from Jerusalem but from further away, from America, for example. We built the Israeli empire but we are willing to associate with other peoples. If the Arabs are willing to live as loyal citizens, we accept them. All empires rise from a combination of diplomacy, economy and war. We will begin with dialogue but we can resort to violence. We have been living in a state of war for the last 50 years; we did not seek this confrontation but we can put an end to it. We have to understand that the Palestinians do not exist as a specific Arab people, it is something artificial. The disloyal Arabs must be arrested or deported.
We hope we can stop the implementation of the withdrawal plan. Sharon could trigger a civil war. When the possibilities to negotiate are exhausted the people will take up arms. Israel is turning into a Bolshevik country; people are arrested in a pre-emptive way; that could be our case; that is what the government does when it has nothing to say.

Vremya Novostyey (Russia)

Израиль превращается в большевистскую страну ”, by Abraham Shmulevitch, Vremya Novostyey, May 16, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.