Voting «no» for the European Constitution does not mean for France to say «no» to Europe, but to say «no» to Jacques Chirac. However, all that weakens Chirac is good news for Europe and for European integration. Those who want a more integrated Europe should be happy about that.
Even before the May referendum, there are indicators that show that the capacity of France to shape the European Union is weakening. Just recently, Rumanian President, Traian Basescu signed the Treaty concerning the Accession of his country to the European Union. However, Michel Barnier, had reproached him earlier for not having the "European reflex", since the Rumanian president wants a privileged association with the United Kingdom and the United States. Rumania did not pay attention to France. The Netherlands could also reject the Treaty because it no longer wants the Franco-German Europe.
The French do not reject Europe, but the French project. The French "no" will undermine the Franco-German binomial. If Tony Blair wins the next British elections and the «no» in France succeeds, we will witness then a German-Anglo-Saxon alliance and that would be a step forward.

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