Although their actions are not that significant as those of Hamas or the "Islamic Jihad", the existence extremist organizations in Israel is not a myth and the danger they pose should not underestimated, further more when reports tell of cases of not motivated shootings by radical Jews against Palestinians. The Mount of the Temple is the apple of discord between Jews and Muslems. Our agency has infiltrated all renown extremist groups and any attempt is such a place is almost out of the question. Not so long, Ammon Danker, chief editor of the Israeli Maariv daily said: "There are former commandoes and experts in explosives in the underground Jewish groups". We know those professional ones by their names, one by one. The most difficult part of it lies with the euphoric dilettantes, such ast the "Naarei ha-givot" group (Youth of the Hills). They are some one thousand inhabitants of the Samaritan Judea, in Gaza, which are very aggressive. Young members of ultra-religious societies who have left their families due to drug abuse are the first to go to the zone that will be transferred to the Palestinians. They refer to their Arab neighbors as invaders, they consider our military as foreigners and for them SAVAK members are worse than the Palestinians. They can easily determine themselves to assassinate Sharon. Anger aims at him, since the rest of the ministers do not decide the government’s policy, so their departure will non change anything. The objective pursued by the extremists is to poison the political situation as much as possible. It is the only way they find to prevent the reconciliation between Israel and Palestine from taking place. Most of the settlers accept departing since they will have important compensation. The army and the special forces are ready to face a large scale confrontation. Some out-of-control elements have tried action. We know that some of them are getting weapons and explosives. Many of them are in prison and we will take our prophylactic measures, such as domiciliary imprisonment.

Vremya Novostyey (Russia)

" Еврейское экстремистское подполье - не миф ", by Ilan Zohar, Vremya Novostyey, May 4, 2005.
Texto adapted from an interview.