For 60 years, the word Yalta has meant treason and neglect. The agreement between Great Britain, the USSR and Unites States at the Black Sea resort area brought millions of people under the yoke of tyranny. That was what President W. Bush reminisced last week in Latvia. Happily, the European division created by this agreement belongs now to the past.
The 1989 generation put an end to the Iron Curtain. It is our task from now on to contribute to the reunification of Europe as a whole by staging a new Yalta Conference, which will characterize the alliance of the new democracies. I discussed this with my friends
Viktor Yushchenko and Traian Basescu.
This alliance will have three main purposes:
  We will have to work jointly to support the consolidation of democracy in our own countries.
  We will have to further spread freedom to the whole Black Sea area and all Europe, from Moldavia to Belarus. In this sense, we will have to restrain the freedom of action of Belarus leaders, to increase our support for the opposition, to have the civil society develop peaceful protest techniques.
  We will have to spread our support for freedom everywhere else in the world: Zimbabwe, Cuba, Burma...etc. We can have a new hope out of Yalta.

Washington Post (United States)

"Time for a Return to Yalta", by Mijail Saakashvili, Washington Post, May 10, 2005.