The debate about Europe has never been son passionate in France. It is not about going back to the debate between sovereignty and federalism. What is at stake is very different. What can the Europe we’re building do to have a fairer, safer and more equitable world?
Through the project of the European Constitution and for the first time in the history of mankind, 25 States have decided to create together a new form of political community based on the double legitimacy of the States and the citizens. Its soul would be the president and the towns or cities legitimacy would be guaranteed by a strong European Parliament elected by universal suffrage. With a European Minister of Foreign Relations, Europe would be able to implement the Union’s foreign policy based on the principles of solidarity, sustainable development and democracy. The success is not guaranteed but, for the first time, we are providing the means to achieve it and that is already something.
We feel proud of the vision of the world outlined in the European Constitution. It proposes a new model of relations between the States and the people based on the awareness of a common fate, trust and an open and respectful cooperation. Its Charter of Fundamental Rights shows there is a group of values which are the pillars of a being-created European society. In other words, we know what unite us is more powerful than what divide us. We not only want a base-on-the-market Europe, but a Europe in accordance with a true political, social and humanist project. Our values only make sense when we share them. That is why, as French and European citizens, we will say “yes”.

Le Figaro (France)
Circulation: 350 000 copies. Property of Socpresse (founded by Robert Hersant, it is owned today by planes manufacturer Serge Dassault). This is the reference journal of the French right.

Un appel d’EuropaNova pour le oui ”, by personalities of the EuropaNova group, Le Figaro, May 21, 2005.