I was convinced that “no” would prevail in France because the liberal policy have annoyed the French for quite a long time. They could vote “no” because they felt Europeans, and championed the policy of solidarity with the rest of the European countries. The “no” accounted for the majority in France and the left wing. Many European friends helped us in the campaign. We made a call to Europe from the Greens to say “no”. They are happy that our success has given them the possibility to hold debates in their countries. The German representatives of the Greens in Bundestag and the European Parliament made statements in favor of the Treaty but the party has not organized any internal referendum. The Greens from France suggested holding a referendum in all green parties from Europe. It is a shame that such initiative was not successful.
The extreme right wing was weakened. Its members were not the ones who carried out the campaign. It should be pointed out that the French “no” was not nationalist. Excellent news. There was a mobilization among the citizens to build Europe. For the first time, the citizens thought about the European Union and said: it is a common benefit. We offer our “no” to the rest of Europe. We will ask the European Council in June to thoroughly review the Constitution. The items, which do not fit in it, must disappear, that is, a third part of the political spheres of the European Union. The first one should be reduced and the Charter of Fundamental Rights completed.
It is spoken today about a serious European crisis but the same could have been said when Jacques Chirac decided not to respect the stability pact. Gerhard Schröder did the same and the European Council paid attention to them. The advocates of the Constitution reacted as autistic, the voters should be respected but instead, it was said that nothing was possible. Those who act as such should do a different job. This referendum was not a vote on domestic policy. The people want a new Europe; the government will continue with a liberal policy. A true will is needed to build Europe and find a space of solidarity.

Die Tageszeitung (Germany)

Unser Nein schenken wir jetzt den anderen Europäern”, by Francine Bavay, Die Tageszeitung, May 31, 2005. Adapted from an interview.