On the occasion of the referendum, the leftist electorate has launched cries of fear, anguish and rage in front of the insanity that prevails in the world and the incompetence of those who has led us over the past two decades. Some leaders have taken advantage of the situation and, at the end, we have witnessed a general disaster and an epidemic of populism that has swept with everything: European construction, its expansion, the elites, regulation of liberalism, reformism, internationalism and even generosity.
Europe has lost all the referendums, one within the other. Le Pen’s xenophobia - whose steps the leftists have strangely followed - made the referendum about the expansion fail. The lower France has chosen to sanction those who are for a decision-making system that authorizes the creation of a political Europe with the referendum on the elites. The upper France and the lower France, the well-known pair of populist periods. We went completely wild when all political classes accepted to followed, as arguments, the ATTAC slogans that expected to break with capitalism, today re-baptized as liberalism. France said “No” in the referendum on liberalism. The lie about the renegotiation gave France a sense of existence. Actually, either France votes again or the political Europe ends because the risk of renunciation to the European political ambition is at its peak. The “No” also won in the referendum about the social issue while the European Constitution was supposed to strengthen this aspect in Europe.
In order to have this master piece of masochism win, besides the “sovereignty advocates” of always, they also needed a political class raised by ostriches, which has been lying for many years, power incompetents - including a president in power - and complete cynics like a former socialist Prime Minister. The French know that things are not going well in our country. Sadly, this morning, they are worse.

Libération (France)
Libération followed a long path since its creation by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre to its acquisition by financier Edouard de Rothschild. Circulation: 150,000 copies.

" Chef-d’oeuvre masochiste ", by Serge July, Libération, May 30, 2005.