Following the French “no”, the British Euro-skeptics were radiant. The French had never been so popular within the conservative party. However, history will judge that vote quite differently.
After 5 decades trying to free Europe from its old populist, protectionist and nationalist demons, they return by force at the risk of generating serious consequences for the national interests of the British. A moment of reflection will make us understand that it’s impossible to simultaneously reconcile Jean-Marie Le Pen’s racist position and the hatred against the trade of the Trotskyites and that of the unions in the public sector. Nevertheless, the right-wing and left-wing French who demonstrated against that text agree on one point: the Constitutional Treaty is excessively British. For the first time in 50 years, Great Britain has led the drawing-up of an European Treaty. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing was the public figure among the editors, but John Kerr was the real mastermind behind this.
That treaty should never have been described as a constitution. It is a text that will not of course dictate the national policies of the States, but nobody in Paris has the courage to admit that the French problems are the result of a policy followed nationally and not caused by Brussels. The French “no” will unleash the protectionist and nationalist forces in France, which will affect Europe.
The French “no” is serious, but it should not prevent the government from stating the issue of the British relations in Europe.

The Times (United Kingdom)

Now see what a mess will follow “, by Denis MacShane, Times, May 31, 2005.