Samir Kassir and I met on many occasions, sometimes in violent ways. But another different type of violence has just been taken Samir Kassir. And that makes him my friend. His death had as an objective using terror to have everyone silent. The murder of Samir Kassir mainly shows the untenable situation of those who decided to eliminate him. “They” are losing ground: amid the crossfire of US pressure, on one hand, and popular dissatisfaction on the other.
“They” are not able to understand the limits of US pressures or able to identify their demands. “They” act against their “national subjects” to show them their total intolerance with regard to the agitation that these people experience, of any type that is. Several days ago, authorities in Egypt paid and sponsored a group of criminals who charged against the demonstrators of the Kifaya movement, which means “it is already enough.” Women were those most aggressively attacked. Evidently, besides attacking them, the objective was to undress them; literally speaking; to humiliate, to terrify, to stop them. That doesn’t work, but it is the only thing that “they” can do.
Isn’t Iraq a possible precursory example of all that? In order to prevent that trail of devastation from expanding to other places, we have to say “no” today! and to set the basis of a political life, where terror finds no place. It is the only means of braking the descent into hell.

Le Monde (France)

To Samir Kassir, qu’ ’ils’ ont tué pour ne pas perdre pied ,” by Nahla Chahal, Le Monde, June 6, 2005.