Comments have boomed out in Syria both about the Congress of the Baath Party and the possible opening of the regime in that country. Actually, that congress will be an opportunity for our “wise leader” to take another step forward. After all, he has not made a mistake for months now, and in this field, he has never disappointed us. It’s better if we laugh, it’s the only thing we can do in front of those who still believe that the change can come from the corrupt elites of the Baath Party.
The Baath failures are many. It didn’t manage to preserve the territorial integrity of the country in 1967. It lost the Golan and could never regain it, neither by political ways nor by any other. It never built an educational system or a health system that could work. It could not ensure social peace among the communities. How can a party with such a history be a solution?
Nothing will come out of the Baath Party Congress. Unfortunately, Syrians fear the chaos that a change would bring about. Nevertheless, the Congress will make the Baath failure so evident that this would be the beginning of its end. Syrians should take the initiative.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

"Some thoughts on a mundane Baath event", by Ammar Abdulhamid, Daily Star, June 6, 2005.