In reprisal for the death of two of his soldiers during the blowing-up of a bridge by the Resistance, General Lammerding ordered the destruction of Oradour-sur-Glane town. 120 young SS men who had already distinguished themselves in the repression in the East Front methodically murdered 642 inhabitants by burning them in different granaries and a church.
During the process, which took place in 1953, the General was not present for he was in Dusseldorf, where he had placid days. Among the 21 accused, 14 were French who mainly stated they were forced to join the SS.
The secret has to do with the identity of the militiaman who guided the SS: Jean Filliol. He had been the murderer in the Cagoule plot in the 30s. After the war, he sought refuge in Franco’s Spain where, according to the research by Michel Bar-Zohar, he might have worked for a subsidiary of LÓréal.