Dick Cheney harshly criticized North Korea during an interview for the “Larry King Live” program of CNN in which he described President Kim Jon Il irresponsible, pro-slavery and war-monger. Those were quite worrying words taking into account that, after a long conflict that cost two million lives, the United States only signed an armistice in 1953 and consider themselves still at war.
In June 2004, negotiations were difficult because of the undiplomatic attacks by the Bush administration that led Pyongyang - already victim of an embargo - to massively rearm itself looking for protection. Since then, North Korea is prepared for a nuclear conflict.
Not being satisfied by describing Kim Jon Il as “one of the biggest executors”, Dick Cheney also spoke about the fate of the prisoners in Guantanamo. “The prisoners in Guantanamo are treated in a human and decent way. When Amnesty International says that the United States violates human rights, I can not take them seriously,” he said offended.