Valéry Giscard d’Estaing told that when he sent the ECT to Silvio Berlusconi, the latter used it to swat a fly and said “at least this Constitution was useful for something!” Today, this story takes all its meaning. Jacques Chirac once told me that that text was more a bylaw than a constitution. Then, why was it called a “Constitution”?
What has been rejected in relation to that Constitution was the intention to “enshrine in the constitution”, in the name of a non-existing “European people”, a set of paralyzing rules that have created a mass unemployment in Europe, which the truly existing peoples refuse to accept. The only realistic attitude is to amend, in that text, what hinders a European-wide Keynesian takeoff. But both the right-wing and the Socialist Party consider that the Constitution ratification process goes on as it did before. Nowadays, the people and the gathered elites look at each other with distrust and in the core of this lack of understanding is the nation. The elites, for their own profit, want to deprive the people of their national sovereignty and do not consider their policy should change at all. The problem thus posed today is knowing how to interpret the fantastic proof of strength our people have just given amidst a political system the role of which is to suppress their will. What wasn’t possible in 2002, will then be possible in 2007?
The left-wing still has today the same conditions it had in 1969. it still doesn’t understand a single thing. Yesterday, it clang to the “third force”, today it clings to the “social-liberalism”. The left-wing has chosen to consider the refusal of the Constitution as a simple incident: no self-criticism of that direction created in 1998, consolidated on its social-liberal line. In 2002, the left-wing blamed its electoral failure on Chevènement, today blames it on Fabius. The search for a scapegoat allowed tightening the unity of the tribe. The left-wing takes no notice when it comes to inquiring about its responsibilities. Such was the mood of the National Penitentiary Council of the Socialist Party on June 4.
We must think about the left-wing and in so doing we must think about Europe. As Robin Cook said ‘we have to turn this into a protection against globalization’. The leftwing should be reorganized to catch up with the 2007 requirements. Out of the Socialist Party, going on its own, nothing will come. It is inconceivable that in 2007, a candidate will be presented that advocates the “yes” in case he wants to win back the popular electorate. To do this, the leftwing must break up with the conditioned though shortsighted response that has so often led it to oppose the country and Europe. It must be erected on the continuation of the democratic nations.
For the time being, it is necessary for another financial takeoff of the Euro-zone to take place. This topic should have been included in the agenda of the European Council on June 16-17. The Euro-group must be strengthened and the European Central Bank statutes revised. A “financial government” must be built. This Copernican revolution will permit the emergence of the European strategic star that we so much need in each and every sphere.

Libération (France)
Libération followed a long path since its creation by philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre to its acquisition by financier Edouard de Rothschild. Circulation: 150,000 copies.

" Un non, porteur d’avenir ", by Jean-Pierre Chevènement, Libération, June 9, 2005.