Despite difficulties, Israelis and Palestinians have reached an agreement. However, peace will not be achieved tomorrow. The belligerents have agreed only to carry out a publicity campaign to foster peace. It seemed irrelevant, but it was another stone in the bridge between both peoples. It was a promise for the future.
In order to enhance this approach, my friends of the Peres Center for Peace and the Palestinian Economic Forum met with other leaders of advertising agencies and me to think about the most effective way to promote peace. In the 60’s, a publicity campaign managed to raise people’s awareness on environmental issues in the United States. Why not considering that it could equally foster the people’s support for peace? We need a unique message suitable for both peoples.
Conceiving this campaign was not easy but I was proud to present it to the World Economic Forum in Jordan. Today, we are trying to raise funds to disseminate these messages.
The efforts made by Israelis and Palestinians in favor of this campaign raised new hopes again. Advertising does not replace the efforts for peace but should be able to mobilize the people because without people’s support we will not achieve any objective.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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Advertising for a lasting peace”, by Maurice Lévy, International Herald Tribune, June 9, 2005.