The unilateral military policy of George W. Bush has led to the creation of new geo-strategic alliances. The most interesting one is that of China, Iran and Russia.
The increasing ties between Moscow and Beijing are one of the most important events of the last 18 months but it has gone unnoticed. This new close relationship has even included a joint military exercise in 2005. Weapon sales between both countries flourish and develop along with non-military exchanges, particularly in the energy field. The cancellation of the construction of the pipeline that would unite the oil reserves of Siberia and China may have looked like a setback but the Russian pipeline will now reach, as asked by Japan that financed the pipeline, until the harbor of Najodka. This port is located some 40 miles away from the Chinese borders and extending it will not cost much. In that case, Tokyo would have paid for the work. In addition, China carries out important investments in Russian oil companies and has contributed to the re-nationalization of Yukos.
China is also making significant investments in Iranian gas. Thus, Beijing is violating the commercial restrictions imposed on Tehran by the United States. Russia and China also help Iran in developing its military program. The United States is convinced that the purpose of that program is making nuclear weapons.
Currently, Iran and China support the policy of Vladimir Putin in regards to Chechnya; Russia and Iran support China in regards to Taiwan; and Russia and China support Iran’s nuclear policy. This alliance aims at opposing the United States and its “democratization” policy. It aims at serving as a counterbalance in the face of the US’s global ambitions.

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" The ties that bind China, Russia and Iran ", by Jephraim P Gundzik, Asia Times, June 4, 2005.