After making public a detailed analysis of the September 11, 2001, attacks in New York, Morgan Reynolds declared on June 12, 2005: “If the steel skyscrapers of the World Trade Center collapsed due to a controlled demolition, then the hypothesis of an internal conspiracy and government attack against the American people would be irrefutable.” M. Reynolds is currently an economy emeritus professor of the A&M University of Texas. He was an economy advisor to George W. Bush, in charge of the Labor Office during his first mandate. In the past, he was the director of the Center of Criminal Justice of the National Center for Policy Analysis of Dallas. “It is impossible to deny the existence of a scientific debate around the real causes of the collapse of the twin towers and of Tower 7. The official thesis is contradictory. Only a professional and controlled demolition can explain all the elements proved in the investigation about the collapse of the three buildings.” In addition, M. Morgan added that explosive and construction experts were systematically put aside and intimidated during the investigation conducted by the Kean governmental commission.