I feel happy with my visit. My relations with Vladimir
are solid. I was one of the world leaders to visit him after he came to power. Of course, there are differences between us, but that’s normal in international politics. Relationships between Russia and Great Britain are good and we will continue to strengthen them. Europe has undergone difficult times but it remains united and will keep growing despite current hardships and pending issues. Europe will go on and my country will be involved in the movement.
We have already defined the Russian-European cooperation framework. When the Russian-EU summit be held in London in October, I would like each one of us to make specific decisions in relation to economy, exchange development and the fight against drug trafficking. During the G-8 summit that will take place from July 6 to 8, we want to put forth the issue of the climatic change and the cancellation of the African debt. There is much we expect from Russia as future leading country of the Group.
World War II was won because of the links between Russia and Great Britain. All those who have studied Churchill’s life know it. Without the East front victory, the allies would not have succeeded. I think the UN will become more and more important. Reforms are essential, but that organization is very useful. There have been differences about Iraq, but the UN has a crucial role to play concerning the future of that country.

Izvestia (Russia)
Daily with a circulation of 430 000 copies founded in 1917, like the Pravda.

Izvestia, June 14, 2005.