First of all, Russia depends on its own citizens, who, when voting, decide the way in which their country will live. Russia also depends on its political leaders and to a greater extent on the political circles that propose projects to the people. Additionally, Russia depends on the world prices for energy sources, which are its main export item and the staple of its budget. Likewise, the country depends on Europe, which is its main customer in the energy sector.
Europe is not only Russia’s major trade partner, but also an example to the Russians as regards culture and daily life. At the same time, I believe that Russia, though to a lesser extent, also depends on the U.S. policy.

Izvestia (Russia)
Daily with a circulation of 430 000 copies founded in 1917, like the Pravda.

"От избирателей, политического сословия и цен на нефть", by Konstantin Eggert,
Izvestia, June 10, 2005.