Both French and Dutch killed the European Constitution Treaty (ECT). If the EU governments tried to revive it, they would only stimulate the anger of those who voted “no”. European leaders should take their time and think. To do this, they can lean on the following elements:
 Let’s not describe the treaty as a “Constitution” since it may arouse big fears or huge expectations.
 The Chart of Fundamental Rights must be removed. It’s completely useless because we already have the European Declaration of Human Rights.
 Let’s not turn the European Council into an institution. We have lots of these in the European Union.
 All the States must enjoy the same status within the European Commission.
 No common foreign policies can exist without the approval of the States. The creation of a EU Foreign Minister post is therefore good for nothing.
 Let’s not start any negotiations with Turkey. Half a dozen electors don’t want it. This new adhesion would call forth the entrance of other countries and the EU would be but a large common market.
 A modest European budget must be kept. It is therefore necessary to limit expenses, to cut down the Common Agrarian Policy costs and to save regional assistance for the poorest countries. The British should swallow their pride and accept to put and end to their discount.
If the above conditions were respected, we would have the way cleared for a new amended treaty.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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Here’s how to get started again”, by Frits Bolkestein, International Herald Tribune, June 15, 2005.