Quelle surprise! [1] the French want our money and we want their cows to stop chewing up so massively the European budget. Well, nothing new so far. For 30 years we have been longing for a reform of the Common Agrarian Policy (CAP). This is an offensively protectionist policy, not so aggressive, though, for Third World countries as the U.S. or Japanese policies are.
Unfortunately, in default of a proper diplomatic compromise, the CAP will go on. It has become an urgency for Great Britain to build its own friendship networks in the European capitals. This does not mean that decisions are to be made in Brussels. Besides, making statements in London, in English, and hoping the rest of the capitals to take them into account is somehow illusory.
We must have politicians who are capable of making themselves heard in Europe. It is also necessary for NGO’s, trade unions and GB churches to present their arguments to their counterparts in Europe. Finally, we have to stop the Euro-skeptics - masters of the press - in our country from continuing to dictate our European policy.

The Independent (U.K.)

We need to start talking to Europeans”, by Denis MacShane, The Independent, June 14, 2005.

[1In French in the text