In Andijan, 23 businessmen are accused of being religious extremists but, according to some people, they are respected by their fellow citizens. That is why several of their friends and relatives attacked the prison and freed other prisoners. Afterwards, a crowd mainly comprised of peaceful people walked to the center of the city to demonstrate against the government. There were also armed extremists among the demonstrators.
Security forces always try to present the opposition with religious characteristics as a terrorist movement. That is true to a certain extent as it happened during the attacks in Tashkent in 2004. They hardly try to establish a difference between Muslims who worry about the future of their country and those who really try to encourage the overthrow of the government. There is a general discontent because the government is not in conditions of providing any prospects. That is why the people have echoed the protests so much. According to Human Rights Watch, when someone goes to trial it is almost impossible that he may walk free. The Fergana Valley feels particularly abandoned by the center, Tashkent.

Der Tagesspiegel (Germany)

" Die Leute sind unzufrieden ", byr Reinhard Krumm, Der Tagesspiegel, May 15, 2005. Text adapted from an interview.