Over the past few days, terrorist acts in Iran have caused the death of ten innocent civilians and injured many others. These attacks are taking place after a decade of peace in the Islamic Republic. This is the reason why it has called the attention the foreign analysts. Even when the attacks have been launched in different forms, they have all taken place in a key time: Iran’s presidential elections, a moment Iranians are enthusiastically enjoying.
This year, the candidates have created a nice democratic environment, which has fostered enthusiasm among the people. This has been a unique atmosphere in the region and in most Third World countries. Since the United States and other countries of the region are not pleased with it, the U.S. has mobilized its mercenaries against Iran. Its agents are creating tension in the South. The Khuzestan province is one of the main targets. Terrorists expect abstentions and ethnic tensions to be increased. This is why they have been using names based on ethnic identities to create disagreement in the population. They won’t succeed.
The different populations of Iran are equally treated and enjoy equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The war against Iraq united them even more. And this unity will be demonstrated with a great participation in the coming elections.

Tehran Times (Iran)

U.S. and terrorists form unholy alliance against Irán”, by Hassan Hanizadeh, Tehran Times, June 17, 2005.