No other detention center in the history of warfare has been so targeted by the media than Guantánamo. We have received several visits from the media and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and last year the Pentagon declassified memorandums on interrogation techniques. Unfortunately, some of these documents can be used by terrorists but we want transparency on the policies of the United States and its practices.
The last events are related to a series of news accounts on the Koran’s debunking acts. However, the United States has shown great respect for the religious sensibility of our enemies. The ill-treatment accusations led to investigations and the perpetrators were punished. Our goal is to have as few detainees as possible. We always try to improve the prisons’ conditions. Guantánamo is not the cause of the problem but the fact that we are dealing with unexplored territory in this complex struggle against extremism. Traditional norms covering the capture of criminals and military prisoners can not be applied. It is important to remember that our goal is not to punish the detainees but to get information to save the United States.

USA Today (United States)

Policies already transparent”, by Donald Rumsfeld, USA Today, June 16, 2005.