The evolution of European construction follows its course as it always has, overcoming crisis. The cliché that crisis are an opportunity seems to be true for the EU. The European Constitution Treaty (ECT) was an extremely ambitious project as it had to be approved by all European nations, which could not come to fruition. But we found a withdrawal solution. We have always done. Europe must understand the challenges of a globalized world. That French and Dutch alike had or had not accepted the text does not change in the least the fact that we are subject to India’s and China’s competition. Each country should adapt itself.
Vladimir Putin kindly welcomed me on May 9. Simultaneously, I received various letters supporting Latvia’s position. May 9 marks freedom for half of Europe. For the Baltic States it was the beginning of a new occupation. We would like Moscow to admit it. However, Russia tries to keep its influence on the neighboring countries.

Macleans.Ca (Canada)

’We’ll find a way out - Europeans always have” by Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Macleans.Ca, June 20, 2005.