The recent developments in Uzbekistan, in which a lot of people died, were not, as interpreted by a great number of organizations and Western governments, a battle for human rights, a battle of the good against the bad. This uprising was organized by fundamentalists who claim to be an innocent political organization in order to receive support from the West.
During my trip to Uzbekistan I met with the Uzbek military chiefs and learned a lot about the true nature of Hizb al-Tahir, organization founded in Eastern Jerusalem more than 50 years ago by members of the Muslim Brothers. It is a Jihad group, barely different from what bin Laden does. It is responsible for several attacks against the Uzbek government and American and Israeli embassies. However, the Western countries and particularly the European countries have asked president Karimov to fight those terrorists with kid gloves.
It is naive to believe that it is about a fight for human rights. Hizb al-Tahir chose Uzbekistan as the training area to achieve its objectives. We have seen what the development of Islamic regimes can cause to neighboring countries, in Iran and Afghanistan. The Islamic Iranians call themselves the advocates of human rights and the Talibans as anti-Soviet combatants. Once in power they have always opposed the West. Today, the leaders of the Hizb al-Tahir have search for shelter in London and Paris, and they receive the assistance of Pakistani activists.
The United States and Israel should understand that Uzbekistan is a wall against the development of Islamism and it is necessary to assist Karimov.

Ha&8217;aretz (Israel)
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A barrier to Islamic evil”, by Reuven Daniel, Ha’aretz, June 22, 2005.