Tomorrow, the Iranians will determine the destiny of the nation. In this decisive moment, the Iranian nation should participate tirelessly in order to pass the most important test to our country. Despite the propaganda of the United States and Western media to discourage the Iranian voters, there was a massive turnout at the polls in the first round. The participation rate of 63% has surprised the analysts and sent a clear message to the world: the Iranians will never abandon the national and revolutionary causes. They have demonstrated that over 26 years ago.
In view of the difficulties, cohesion prevails in Iran more than ethnic or geographical dispersion. The conspiracy of the Iraqi war against us, imposed by the United States, terrorist groups, assassinations, plots to create ethnic tensions and U.S. embargo, have not disturb the Iranian unity.
Today, the Muslim nations are faced with velvet revolutions aimed at confiscating the resources of these countries by the United States and establishing a defensive area for the Zionist regime. In the run-offs, the Iranians will vote to prove that they will not be manipulated.

Tehran Times (Iran)

Iranians’ decisive test”, by Hassan Hanizadeh, Tehran Times, June 24, 2005.