The closer the date of the withdrawal from Gaza, the clearer the extent of that “historical event”: an internal, limited, intra-tribal, Jewish-Zionist struggle between two camps split on the evacuation of Gaza but united in their attitudes toward the settlement as a supreme value, as part of the Jewish soul. For one camp, this approach is applicable to all settlements; whereas for the other, only to the settlements which have a geo-strategic significance. But both sides agree with the myth of settlements.
Most of the Israelis remain indifferent to this matter and do not take part in this dispute between the supporters or opponents to the withdrawal. On the contrary, they have begun to identify manipulations from both sides. The Jewish-Zionist struggle can serve particularly as an evidence. This struggle clearly shows that a Jew in Israel is a pioneer, a fighter, not just a plain citizen. Equally, both of them consider that all settlers have been “sent” to the territories by the Israeli government. Therefore, the government is obliged to provide assistance and protection to them. No one would dare to think that Israel will do the same as France did at the end of the war of Algeria: each settler could do anything, either to remain in Gaza or go away. Besides, the settlers’ houses will be demolished because an Arab must not use a house infused with a Jewish soul.
In the issue of disengagement, it is paid attention only to the destiny of a few thousand settlers, but absolutely not to the 1.5 million Palestinians. The world has been asked to applaud Israel’s big sacrifice and its efforts to make it possible. But peace can not be achieved like this.

Ha&8217;aretz (Israel)
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Nothing more than an internal Zionist spat”, by Meron Benvenisti, Ha’aretz, June 30, 2005.